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Fight Covid-19 in an Effective Way

A one-stop solution for Covid-19 management. We cover from Covid-19 testing to quarantine management by working with different partners and providing the best and convenient solutions to our customers.


Passion For Life

Virtual Healthcare

Provide all kind of on site healthcare services which reduce the risk of exposure

Covid-19 Solutions

Provide one stop Covid-19 management from testing to affordable quarantine

Chronic Wound Care

We have highly trained, experienced & fully qualified nurses for chronic wound care

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Customer Experience

The on-site services is really convenient, and the nurse is experienced. The nurse came in full PPE and strict SOP observed. I would recommend to my friends.

Robert Wong Kuala Lumpur

Thank you Dandelion for the on-site wound care for my parent. It saves a lot of time that the qualified nurse could attend to our house for the wound care.

Susan Tan Petaling Jaya

I'm happy with the on-site services by Dandelion Sphere. It's convenient, professional and safe during the Pandemic times.

Adeline Puchong

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On-Site Attendance

We understand your healthcare requirements. To minimize and reduce the risk of exposure during Pandemic, we are constantly providing high-quality on-site healthcare services to customers. Including on-site Covid-19 test and all kinds of healthcare services. All our nurses are highly trained and experienced.



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Senior Day-care and Wound Dressing Facility

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Upcoming Products


Oishi Ataraina

  • Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it’s perfect for taking with you anywhere. On the street, on the bus, at work, in the car, on the plane, anywhere!
  • Combines clean air with a relaxing scent. Essence diffuser. Huge range of floral, citrus and herbaceous scents.
  • Captures and eliminates bacteria, pollen, mites, dust and PM2.5.
  • Innovative triple-layer filter that captures particles thanks to static electricity, while the power of negative ions eliminates them.
  • For babies, children, adults and the elderly.


CocoMonkey Immuno Booster Dengue Fighter

  • Helps build immunity in kids
  • Tasty choco bite format
  • Up to 100 % RDA of key immunity nutrients
  • Specially made by scientists of Cipla, leaders in paediatric care in India
  • Product rigorously tested in approved laboratories for safety and efficacy
  • FDA approved: Immuno booster dengue fighter is amazing in recovering from the dengue fever symptoms
  • It’s been proven to raise the blood platelet count within 24 hours
  • It has 17 amino acids which can be taken every day for a healthy immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

Dandelion Sphere team is ready to assist you

The main difference between PCR and RTK-antigen COVID tests lies on what the tests identify. While the PCR swab test identifies the viruses’ genetic materials, RTK-antigen finds specific protein from the virus.

Generally, the PCR swab test has a higher accuracy in detecting COVID-19 compared to RTK-antigen and is considered the standard for COVID-19 diagnosis. In some cases, RTK-antigen is preferred as it generates quicker COVID-19 tests, typically on the same day.

Please note that in some instances a negative RTK-antigen COVID-19 test may require a PCR swab test for confirmation at the discretion of the doctor.

On-site services is convenient and safe for those who have patient that not convenient to visit to hospital or clinic. Our fully qualified nurse will attend to your location and perform the healthcare that same standard as hospital.

Safety is the main concern of our nurse team. We are compliant with strict SOP and with full PPE equipment while providing on-site healthcare services to ensure both our nurse and the patient is not expose to any risk.

Please speak with our consultant immediately, we have a complete one stop solution for Covid-19 management from testing to quarantine management. The earlier we engage the earlier the Covid-19 could be ended.

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